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Electronic Government Laboratory

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The E-Government Laboratory of the University of Athens has developed and is productively operating the website ( whose goal is to provide information about services, technologies and best practices on electronic governance issues in Greece, the European Union and worldwide.

The E-Government Laboratory research team has also participated in the development of the TAXISnet service, providing electronic services to allow the submission of tax forms using the Internet ( This service won the 2001 eEurope Best Electronic Governance Award.

The international scientific journal .International Journal of Electronic Governance. (IJEG, has been published successfully for three years now, with a total of 8 issues. The Editor-in-Chief is the Head of the E-Government Laboratory, Professor P. Georgiadis, and the Executive Editor is the partner of the Laboratory, Lecturer D. Gouscos.

Finally, the E-Government Laboratory of the University of Athens is co-organising the 5th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, on September 2010 (, under the supervision of the Laboratory Head, Professor P. Georgiadis, who is the Conference Chair, and of the Laboratory Partner, Dr A. Kakouris, who is the Scientific Program Chair.