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Research and Technological Development Activities

The research activities of the Laboratory include EU-funded projects (Information Society Technologies, IST) and national research projects (in co-operation with the General Secretariat for Research and Technology and other bodies), in which the E-Government Laboratory participated as a project supervisor, a leading partner or a partner. A short list of research and technological development projects follows.

  • SMARTGOV - A Governmental Knowledge-based Platform for Public Sector Online Services IST-2001-35399. Budget: 3.2 million euro. Project co-ordinator: E-Government Laboratory of the University of Athens

    In the context of the SMARTGOV project, a toolset enabling the creation of electronic public administration documents (applications, statements, etc) was developed, integrating elements of business knowledge provided by experts in the domain of public administration.

  • CB-BUSINESS - Cross-Border Business Intermediation through Electronic Seamless Services IST-2001-33147. Budget: 2.9 million euro. Project co-ordinator: Planet Ernst & Young

    The CB-BUSINESS project consisted of creating an Internet platform for the provision of one-stop, integrated business intermediation services. The platform provides administrative support to service providers in various countries, in the context of cross-border transactions.

  • PASO - PKI Applications and Security from the Greek Telecommunications Authority (OTE)
    In co-operation with the Greek Telecommunications Authority (OTE). Budget: 1.0 million euro. Project co-ordinator: E-Government Laboratory of the University of Athens

    For the PASO project, we designed and developed services to enable the Greek Telecommunications Agency to supply digital certificates, both for intercompany use and for use by private or business clients, other service providers and public sector organisations.

  • MQSEIP - Management of Quality Systems through Enterprise Portals
    An e-Business project. Budget: 0.7 million euro. Project co-ordinator: Creative Marketing

    The MQSEIP project consisted of developing an enterprise portal to manage the workflow and monitor quality processes according to the ISO 9000 standard.